Make your move



The special MicroModal fabric used in Tromko’s innerwear is super thin and silky smooth for optimal comfort.


with sheer perfection

We understand the need to provide customers with world-class packaging along with world-class products


material that always keeps you smelling fresh

The special fabric does away with bad smells by not allowing bacteria to develop.


technology keeps it dry

The super thin fabric is great at wicking away the moisture and keeping you dry, fresh and comfortable all day.


We, at Tromko believe in the promptness to move and go places in life. Hence, we stand by our motto 'Make Your Move'.

Designed especially for you to experience a 'Total Range of Motion'

TROMKO ensures that you breathe freely all day long!

Tromko is a brand that is ‘Made in India’ but made with global standards of excellence, hence it’s ‘Made for the World’. We have innerwear as well as activewear apparel. Within innerwear, we have the men’s range of solid and printed briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. Tromko is the best place to buy men’s briefs in India.

Tromko’s innerwear is made of 92% MicroModal fabric finely blended with 8% elastane. This results in super soft innerwear, several times softer than cotton and with properties that cotton briefs cannot compete with. The super-thin fabric is excellent at wicking moisture away and keeping you dry. The absence of wetness means no bacteria can develop. No bacteria means no bad-odour. Thus our innerwear has anti-odour properties.

The blend with elastane gives the fabric stretchability and the fabric regains its original shape after stretching. This along with the above attributes makes for men’s underwear that remains fresher and newer looking for longer. Tromko’s world-class products also come in world-class packaging. The product is delivered all over India.

Tromko’s products are made to global specifications of quality but are priced right to fit the needs of India’s youthful customers. Whether you require men’s solid briefs, men’s solid trunks or men’s solid boxer briefs, Tromko is the right place to shop for your needs. Cause we believe in superior customer service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction!

If you have any questions or concerns before or after placing your order, you can always reach a customer service representative or email us at