We understand that discussing about Underwear with your Buddies might not be too cool for some of you guys..But deep down all of us want to up our Innerwear game , isn’t it ? Tromko is here for your rescue yet again with another blog ! Let’s accept the fact that Underwear is in direct and consistent contact with your skin throughout the day. You should never let your innerwear escape out of your radar. A wrong pair can certainly create a havoc on your intimate health. Here are some of the most common mistake since you might have been making from so long !



  • You’re Wearing a Size Too Tight –

This can definitely cause irritation down there along with some Painful Pinching. You’ll have to constantly readjust that uncomfortable undies. We, at Tromko make sure of the point that it is comfortable enough around your waist and thighs. Our Premium ones always let your skin breathe and have enough ventilation. Choose natural fabrics instead of synthetic ones as they provide some extra space to your crotch area.


  • Not Washing Your Underwear More Often-

Don’t indulge into this Intimate Hygiene Offence ever ! Make sure you wash it daily. It’s a stated fact that a thorough wash can reduce the chances of bacterial infections. Always be sure that you don’t aggressively scrub and stretch your underwear in the name of washing it. A pro tip is that you should always hang it  to dry it to retain it’s colour , shape and elasticity.


  • Material Matters A lot –

Today men have a lot of options to choose from. Try and opt for breathable fabrics options like Cotton and MicroModal which wont result in chaffing and  rashes and easily absorbs moisture. We, at Tromko use  MicroModal the base fiber. We are introducing most stylish and super-soft fabric that wraps around your body just like your skin.   as Silk can also be an option if you love luxury but that’s not the right choice when it comes to breathability. Nylon can also be considered for Boxers and Briefs as its soft and can maintain it’s colour even after washing . Consequently, it all depends on you based on your preference and occasion!


  • Super Sweaty Undies-

After you hit the gym or have an intense cardio or workout session , never delay too much in taking a shower. It avoids unfortunate chafing. A sweaty pair of indies are a habitat for yeast and bacterial infections. As a result , it may annoy you partner too! Make a habit of wearing a fresh underwear as nobody likes that pungent Sweaty Odour  guys!


  • You’re Not Investing Much On Your Inner Wear-

Let’s face the fact , The cheaper the underwear, the lower the quality! Start spending a little more on your intimate apparel and you yourself will see a Major Difference. Buy some good pairs which will definitely benefit you in the long run.



Let’s take some small steps and start giving our Intimate Apparel and Hygiene the attention it deserves and avoid such blunders in future!

Stay tuned for more such Interesting yet Informative Blogs coming your way from Tromko!
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