Research has confirmed that men are looking for more from their underwear and essential wear than ever before. Those days are gone when underwear was a mere functional necessity. Indian men are demanding new designs and variety for their underwear drawer. The most essential factors that men consider today are comfort, style, function and sustainability. Men want to look good, they want to feel physically comfortable during their countless activities and with the attention so firmly on environmental concerns, they want to feel good about what they wear because they know that the clothes cut down the negative impact on the environment. Keeping all of this in mind Tromko has made its underwear collection and brought in new innovations in the Indian underwear industry. Here’s the list of new innovations introduced by Tromko:


New Age Fabric


Good fabric is the foundation of great inner wear. When it comes down to superior comfort, cotton is just not upto the mark. The majority of men have to settle for underwears that are restrictive and not breathable and also might roll up. Tromko’s underwear are made of modal fabric which has zero piling and shrinkage. It does not lose shape after multiple washes. From the luxurious feel of modal to its moisture-wicking and cooling properties, this fabric is going to take the industry by storm.


Fashion In Focus


Once just a mere necessity, men today know that underpants can make or break an outfit. It is the most crucial decision a man makes daily and every dapper man out there is looking for underwear that is both fashionable and of high-quality. Tromko’s underwear collection consists of underwear with new trendy patterns and vibrant colours. While the comfort will always be the mainstay, Tromko will bring in more breakthrough designs and styles.


Performance Perfected


The modern man has a highly active lifestyle which takes them from the gym to the boardroom and beyond. They go cycling in the morning, treks every weekend, go for music festivals and travel the world every chance they get. There’s a need for elimination of shifting, adjusting, rubbing and chafing. This calls for underwear that keeps the man dry, cool, safe and in control. Tromko’s underwear are durable enough to withstand daily use and abuse. The fabric used to make these underwear go to great lengths to accommodate every conceivable movement without pinching or chaffing while the waistband will need to be low-riding and non-binding for extra comfort.


Consumers nowadays are really demanding. We at Tromko are trying to match the customers demands by providing them eco-friendly, designer and stylish underwear. Check out Tromkos collection online for trendy designs and styles.
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