Intimate Area Diseases: Causes and Prevention

Intimate Area Diseases: Causes and Prevention

Hello All! In Today’s Blog , we’ll be discussing some very common genital diseases or problems that are faced by men. If they’re mild , some home remedies or reaching out to a pharmacy is suggested. But if the pain and plight of it goes out of control it would be wise to see a Doctor ASAP!


Rashes on Genitals:

These rashes are usually caused by skin infections, which can further cause red bumps or blisters down there if not treated immediately. It can be caused by Hot Weather , Uncomfortable and extremely tight underwear For small rashes, you can apply wet cloth and the method of icing can be beneficial. Let the skin breathe. Calamine lotion can also work on them. If the rash starts to look infected, RUSH to your doctor !!



Inner Thigh Chafing:

Chafing is irritation to the skin caused by friction—usually skin-on-skin or clothing-on-skin. Some of the first signs of Chafing include some hot spots and mild rashes. Chafing can be caused by Sweat, Humidity, Sensitive skin, Ill fitted clothes etc. The problem is faced by overweight people frequently. We suggest you to apply an Anti-Chafing Cream.Avoid wearing cotton.



 Yeast Infections:

Initially men do not experience any symptoms for yeast infection down there. But when they do appear , they can be uncomfortable. Common symptoms include Burning during urination , rashes containing pus , foul smelling discharge etc. You must maintain proper hygiene to avoid these excruciating infections. A proper innerwear can also be helpful. It's always a good idea to wear loose fitted clothes and keep the private part cool and dry!



Jock Itch:

Jock itch can be caused in private parts and thighs with bumps that look like blisters. The centre of the bump is of reddish brown colour. You can wash the Jock Itch with mild soap and water. Applying an anti-fungal cream can also be beneficial. Do not forget to Wash your underwear regularly to avoid Jock Itches.


These are some very generic pieces of advice that will surely make your plight better . However, these diseases and problems may be subjective to every individual and if you feel that the pain is out of control,  please consult your doctor.
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