Meet our all new Gym Leggings Collection for women!

Meet our all new Gym Leggings Collection for women!

We at Tromko, have introduced an all new Gym Leggings Collection for women! Tromko’s leggings are made of modal fabric which is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton, especially with regards to its water consumption. Since beech trees require less resources to grow, 10 to 20 times fewer water is used in the production of modal as compared to traditional cotton. What’s more, water is saved just by wearing modal fabric leggings because the material doesn’t call for heavy laundering, and uses less water with each wash cycle. Tromko’s leggings are also biodegradable in all natural and industrial environments. Here are some other reasons why you should go for Tromko’s gym leggings:


Super soft and Breathable


Tromko’s gym leggings are super soft and smooth to touch. They are made of super delicate fabric which won’t leave you with that scratchy feeling you sometimes get while wearing wool or cotton clothing. These leggings are sure to help you stay comfortable no matter how active or busy your lifestyle is. These leggings are fortunately designed to be extra breathable, allowing for complete comfort and ease of wear.




These leggings have an impressive durability due to its

tight weave and long fibers, making them a great option. This strength helps these leggings resist potential damage from long-term wear, and it’s what keeps the fabric’s colors brighter for longer than most other natural materials.


Stretchy and Highly Absorbent


The flexibility of these leggings is another feature that makes it ideal for athleisure and workout wear. These leggings can withstand years of consistent wear and tear. These leggings are highly absorbent. The micropores inside these leggings absorb any water or sweat they come in contact with, so you’ll never have to deal with clammy clothing during your exercise routine.


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