Should men sleep in their underwear? Should they put on boxers or briefs while they sleep? Or should they just sleep naked? These are some of the commonly asked questions related to underwear. For a good sleep, it’s really important to be comfortable down there. You just have to focus on what is best for you. In this article we are going to reveal whether you should wear a particular type of underwear or just go commando when you go to sleep.


Should You Wear Boxers To Bed?


Boxer shorts have looser fit on the thighs which can help maintain good reproductive health. The airflow is much better with boxers keeping the genitals cool. If you are an active sleeper, you can move freely in your boxer shorts. No matter how you want to sleep or in which position you want to sleep, boxer shorts adjust to prevent any discomfort due to the sudden tightness.

Even when the boxer shorts are concealed under your pants, it can still make you feel fresh all day.


Should You Wear Briefs To Bed?


It would be really unfair to say that briefs are not acceptable for sleeping. You will understand some of their advantages if you are currently in a relationship. Briefs are considered one of the best underwear when it comes to support. They tend to look more appealing when it comes to romantic nights with your significant partner. Besides briefs, if purchased the right size and material, can be really comfortable too. They are also durable which comes handy if you move a lot.


There are certain disadvantages of wearing briefs while sleeping. If you are an active sleeper, the constant change in positions may create some discomfort. They are also tighter than boxer shorts which can minimise the airflow. Wearing briefs to bed

may reduce the quality of the sperm in the long run.


Is It Better To Sleep Without Underwear?


Not reading anything while sleeping is one of the best ways to maintain your fertility without even spending a single penny. Research has shown the relation of sleeping naked and better sperm quality. It is found that sleeping naked is linked to better sleep. It turns out that heat is one of the main reasons for infertility and wearing underwear while you sleep can increase temperature around your genitals. There are certain disadvantages as well such as you’ll have to change your sheets regularly to avoid germs making direct contact with your genitals. You shouldn’t forget about night emergencies such as fire, robbery et cetera. Facing these problems can be difficult if you are naked.

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