You need to understand when and where you’re going to wear your underwear. Every underwear is made to serve a different purpose, and you are responsible for determining it. What you wear during your trekking trip can’t be the same one you wear beneath during your date. So, first decide for what purpose you need this pair of underwear for. Choose the right type of underwear according to your profession. Here are some tips to tell you what type of underwear you should wear according to certain profession :


If you are into sports


Most important thing while doing physical activity is to provide enough support to your testicles. The next most important thing is to keep things cool beneath. Given these conditions, the best kind of underwear are those which are made of 100% cotton & are well fitted at the crotch area, no boxers. There are supporters that you can buy in the sports pro-shops. If you find the ones made in 60–70% cotton, those too are suitable as long as you workout in the AC environment and are able to take them off quickly after exercise.


If you have a corporate job


A person who has a corporate job needs a comfortable seat as well as fabric. Although both the styles give that extra comfort, boxers tend to slide up more than the boxer briefs. So, either you go for low rise boxers or you can wear boxer briefs to keep everything in place.


If you are into travelling


Try moisture-wicking, quick-dry underwear. You’ll want to avoid cotton and try breathable underwear made from a synthetic material, like polyester, or merino wool. Unlike cotton, these materials wick moisture away from the skin and dry very quickly. Select the designs and styles that are suitable for you. The style of underwear you choose is mostly a personal decision based on what you find most suitable and functional. For men, options include briefs, boxers or boxer briefs.


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