It’s no fun having to dig through your overflowing underwear collection to seek out your favourite pair of underwear. Fortunately, keeping your underwear drawer organized is really very easy once you know the best and the right way to fold and store everything. Once you know how to organize your underwear in a drawer, something as small as getting dressed in the morning will be less of a huge headache. Here are some useful tips to organise a man’s underwear drawer :


Get rid of the unnecessary pairs


The number one reason for the underwear drawer to mess up is simply having too much of it. But if you take a good look at your underwear drawer, chances are you’d see a few pairs you keep “meaning to throw away” but never get around to, as well as a pair or two you don’t get rid off due to sentimental value. Either way, these unnecessary pairs of underwear are taking up a lot of valuable space in your drawer, and needed to get rid of them.


Arrange by Style and color


If you have a set of underwear that consists of many different styles, it’s a good idea to put and organize them together by style so you are always ready for whatever comes up. Put your regular pairs at the front of the drawer so you can easily reach in and simply find a fresh pair of underwear in the morning. Put everything else behind it, like the special day stuff and performance underwear.


If your underwear collection is heavy on the color group, organize your underwear drawer by color. How you organize the colors is up to you, but be creative!




Since wrinkly underwear falls at the end of the “stuff you care about daily” list, most people put very little or no consideration into how they fold their underwear when they organize their underwear collection, if they organize it at all. Fold your underwear so that the front of the waistband is visible, allowing you to grab it easily when you go to get dressed anytime of the day.


That’s all for today folks! We hope you found some inspiration and got some ideas for your closet plans !

Until next time !
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