Tromkos Women’s Sports Bra - A Comfortable Style Statement

Tromkos Women’s Sports Bra - A Comfortable Style Statement

Sports bra seems like an easy piece of clothing, but it can get a little complicated. There are bras that stretch around your breasts like a big elastic, designs with fabrics that are stylish, designs with breathable fabric, designs with straps that cross, designs with straps that unclip and many more. There are endless options available but not all are created equally, and not all are as comfortable as they should be. We at Tromko, try our best to provide you with that comfort with our products. This blog is to tell you about how your sports bra should feel like and should do to ensure the optimal comfort and fit with of course the best support possible.


Your Sports Bra Should Be Comfortable


A sports bra which is well designed and properly fitted will never be uncomfortable. The key to comfort is proper fit. A bad sports bra will definitely provide you with discomfort, even the best sports bra will feel uncomfortable if you are wearing the wrong fit. So it is necessary to pay attention to the areas in which you are feeling uncomfortable and keep that in mind when shopping for new designs.


Your Sports Bra Should Be Tight


There is a huge difference between your sports bra being tight and your sports bra feeling tight. There is some tightness which is required to keep your breast in place but it shouldn’t be that tight that you feel like you can’t even breathe. The sports bra should be snug enough to give your breast the support needed.


Your Sports Bra Should Be Light


When you are wearing a sports bra you’ll always feel something but it shouldn’t be to the point where it becomes a distraction. Often, there will be times when you feel during your workout that your sports bra is digging into your shoulder or feel some sort of irritation under your armpits. That’s when you should realise that it’s time for you to look for a new style and possibly a new size.


Tromko’s wide range of active wear includes sports bras for all cup sizes and finally see what a good sports bra should feel like!
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