Hello Everyone, we at Tromko are back with yet another informative blog and today’s topic is ‘Why is White the go-to colour for men’s underwear’! Without a shadow of doubt white coloured underwears  have been dominating the industry for decades. They are of great support and also a saving grace when it comes to your budget. They help your legs breathe and are also quite efficient when it comes to sweat absorption.

They are just a perfect choice for any mood, occasion, personality and appeal. We all know that white is a universal colour and can be definitely found in every man’s drawer. Let us now have a look at some reasons why men prefer white underwear so much—


1)    Gentlemen in white can never be dull-

Some of you might think that it is a very monotonous and basic colour but most of the men wearing white have an exciting spirit and are never boring. With ample of white underwear styles at Tromko, you can definitely choose the underwear style to uplift your personality.


2)    You can improve your sleeping cycle with white underwear-

White colour brings peace to your mind and soul and gives you a sound sleep. According to some psychologists, white bed sheets also have a major role to play in soothing the mind and bringing in peace.



3)    They are appropriate for summers-

Keeping in mind the fact that people usually prefer lighter and softer shades in summers, white briefs can be a suitable option. The cut of your men’s underwear is the second criteria which must be taken into account. White doesn’t trap the heat down there and keeps you cool and fresh.


4)    It can be bought and worn effortlessly-

      Isn’t it obvious that white underwear can go with any attire effortlessly? It raises your fashion          quotient and gives that classic look which is not too funky!  White literally goes well with anything and everything. While other bright colours like red and purple you might need a deep speculation for the selection of outfit.



So here’s for the blog today! Also do not forget to keep your whites white by giving them a good maintenance!

Until next time..!
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