Difference between trunks, boxer brief and briefs

Difference between trunks, boxer brief and briefs

Briefs are brief, as the name implies, they are made of the least amount of material among men’s briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. Trunks for men are shorter compared to boxer briefs. What a person likes to wear depends on their personal preference.

Briefs being the odd one out, let us first compare the differences between trunks and boxer briefs. Boxer briefs would suit tall men. For men with a shorter height, trunks are more suitable. The hem of trunks falls around the widest part of the thighs whereas the hem of boxer briefs extends beyond and covers a larger part of the thighs. Trunks are also suitable for men with a thinner body type. Boxer briefs would ride up and slip on thin thighs. Trunks offer a more snug and tight fit compared to boxer briefs. Trunks are brief enough that they will fit in all kinds of trousers and pants without showing their lining on the outside. For playing sports, you need to wear shorts and to avoid the innerwear from peeking out of the shorts, you need to go for trunks instead of boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are good if you have thick thighs and don’t want rashes from the friction between the thighs. You won’t get any chafing with boxer briefs. Also, boxer briefs prevent ride-up the most. Trunks are also known as low-rise trunks.

Briefs on the other hand are very brief pieces of innerwear clothing. They are sometimes also known as Frenchies. They are of the V shape pattern and good for those for whom chafing is not an issue. Those who like to wear underwear under their swimwear must also go for briefs. If you feel too hot in your private parts it would be best to go for briefs. They have minimal coverage and thus maximum cooling. Briefs are good for those who have no discomfort with the lining cutting across their upper thigh area. For those who wear tight pants of extremely thin fabric, it would be akin to wear a strapless bra, with minimal showing externally.

Boxer briefs are good for people who move around a lot and do a lot of activities throughout the day. Boxer briefs may be the more expensive option because of the higher amount of fabric used in them. Compared to them trunks are cheaper as they use less fabric. Boxer briefs are ideal for gym-goers. Boxer briefs have “legs” to them while trunks are square-shaped.

Most people choose briefs for men and trunks for men, whereas boxer briefs for men are chosen the least. If you are confused with the names for these 3 types of men’s innerwear, here is a handy way to remember which is which. Briefs are brief, the shortest and smallest of the three. Boxer briefs are like boxer shorts, the long shorts that boxers in the ring wear. And trunks are the ones in the middle. With this in your memory, you will never get confused about the correct names. This will clear your doubts regarding boxers vs trunks and boxers vs briefs.

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