FAQs Tromko

FAQs Tromko

Hello all ! We at Tromko are back with another informative blog and this time it's all about the most prominent FAQs related to inner garments. If you do not feel comfortable or are embarrassed while talking about your underwear issues , this is certainly the right platform to get your queries resolved. We have listed 5 most frequently asked questions related to Fabric,  Comfort  , Durability  and Quality -


 Which is a better option - Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers provide more ventilation and coverage as compared to Briefs. Talking about support ,Briefs are a clear winner. You can totally don both of them depending on what occasions they are to be worn. Briefs are best when it comes to a snug fit and fit seamlessly with your skin whereas boxers provide a breezy fit and are considered a good choice under slightly fitted trousers or pants. Why don't you go for boxer briefs? They are literally the bestsellers these days! It's Flattering fit and moisture-wicking quality with super soft micro modal fabric sets  great foundation for your entire day!


When is the right time to discard your Underwear?

There's no point in holding onto an underwear for so long. When you see tiny holes and gapes , dirty stains and marks it's time to go for some inner wear shopping! The  perfect time to discard your underwear is when it doesn't hold its shape and over stretches!


How to make your underwear last long?

The most important factor is certainly choosing the right fabric. In addition to that , use a gentle detergent and prefer rubbing and washing it  gently with your hands which does not let the underwear lose it’s threads. If you do not want itchy rashes never throw your underwear into an air dryer directly as the smoothness and the colour of  your underwear might fade away. By following these steps, you can certainly keep your underwear in a tip top condition!


How to prevent chafing and rashes caused by underwear ?

Always wear dry underwear which has a full coverage. Tromko provides underwear which has moisture and sweat wicking properties with no scope of riding up or down . Make sure your blood circulation is in correct flow and your body can easily move. Most importantly , the fabric should not poke your skin  and as a Modern Generation Gentleman, you must not forget to wash your underwear on a regular basis to prevent chafing !


Is it ok for men to go Commando ?

It's kind of weird if you take our opinion! Wearing an underwear is a must as it protects your package from rashes and embarrassing stains as well. The heavy fabric of your pants or trousers may disturb you a lot while you sit down or do any other activity and it's definitely not the most hygienic choice you could ever make! Come on men , wearing an underwear is a matter of support and protection at the same time!