No outfit is complete without the right Inner wear. Infact, most of the the times it’s the most important part in your wardrobe! Today, Men’s Inner wear not only provides support and protection but also have a unique sense of Style and Comfort. There are ample of styles such as Men’s Briefs, Men’s Boxer Briefs , Trunks , Men’s Jockstraps and so much more. But do you actually succeed in getting what you’re looking for ?  There are numerous types of undergarments and you surely can figure that out by looking at the following guidelines.

  • Keep in mind your Body Shape-

To make you look fantastic and feel comfortable, the correct understanding and knowledge of Body Types and Different Types of Underwear is vital. There’s so much more to it than just the waistband measurements. Nobody wants ugly and tight fitted undies. Let us help you out !

  • For Tall Lads: Trunks and Boxer Briefs is just right for you guys. Don’t opt for Low Cut Underwear as you’ll have to re-adjust them again and again.
  • For Shorter Men: Keeping in mind the comfort factor, low cut style of trunks or briefs goes well for you. We’ll suggest you to let go of the longer leg styles of underwear and high cut ones as they sometimes comes at the top of the belly button which is so not in fashion! 
  • For Slim Guys: A pair of Low Cut Trunks is definitely your answer ! It kind of uplifts your backside and don’t forget the fact that bulging and loose underwear can make you look slender and leaner. Trunks will not at all gather up on your thighs and make your kegs look more muscular.
  • Choose Premium Material-

Selecting the best fabric choice for your underwear is extremely vital as it can make or break your day. Men’s underwear is available in a variety of fabrics like Spandex , Nylon , Cotton , Silk , Lycra and much more for quality, comfort and durability. Most of the men’s underwear manufacturers prefer cotton to make their pieces. Swiss Cotton is among the most desired cotton stretch for men’s underwear. Polyester makes them wrinkle-free and increases the durability. Silk underwear can be worn at night and the list goes on. You must remember that the material must make a comfy feel down there.

  • Pay attention to the Colours :

Choose the colours that define your Personality, Mood and Feelings. To make your underneath fashion look impressive and classic , opt for Neutral Colours like white , beige , navy blue , black , light blue. These colours do not attract the immediate attention and are soothing to the eye too. They make you feel more masculine. However you can anyday experiment with Brighter colours whenever you’re feeling a need of transition in your lifestyle. Make sure the colour combination of your underwear doesn’t completely go off track with the outer layer of fabric of your pants !


We Hope That You’re More Comfortable and Confident About Your Choices Now .

Until Next Time !!