What Is The Best Material For Men’s Underwear?

What Is The Best Material For Men’s Underwear?

Gone are the days of pure cotton innerwear. Science has now provided us with better materials that make better functioning and more comfortable innerwear, especially men’s underwear. One such material is the MicroModal fabric.

It is a super soft and super thin fabric that is made using material provided from beech trees. Beech trees are highly renewable and thus good for the environment. The material is soft like skin and yet offers the breathability of the cotton. Energy and waste are minimized during manufacturing MicroModal, so it is a very sustainable fabric for use in undergarments for men.

You must have often wondered “What is the most comfortable material for underwear?”. The clear answer is MicroModal. MicroModal is the material used in all premium innerwear today. Micro modal trunks are highly sought after. The fabric stays new for longer. It keeps drier than cotton innerwear and also keeps one more cool compared to the musty feeling cotton innerwear has. MicroModal is known to be 2x to 3x softer than cotton fabric.

For quality innerwear, MicroModal has all the right features. It is a super soft fabric for a silky feel against the skin. It doesn’t stretch and go out of shape so it stays new for longer. It wicks the moisture and keeps you dry and smelling fresh. It ventilates the heat out and keeps the wearer cool.

MicroModal also colours well. It absorbs the dyes well and is very efficient to manufacture. The colours don’t fade from MicroModal fabric and thus the clothing looks new for a longer period. On one hand, it provides a sustainable product and on the other is liked by both manufacturers and customers for the various benefits this advanced new fabric provides.

Cotton has mostly now been replaced for making men’s innerwear and other intimate apparel. 

When blended with the right amount of elastane, the fabric holds its shape. It won’t stretch like cotton innerwear and lose its shape very easily.