Inner Wear

Tromko has a range of solid and printed briefs in its innerwear and underwear. Tromko is the best place to buy men’s innerwear and underwear in India.

A fine blend of 92% MicroModal fabric is mixed with 8% elastane to create a material that is the best available choice for premium innerwear. The super thin innerwear is like a sheet of paper, or a tissue, that readily absorbs all the water when placed on a spill. The material effectively wicks moisture from the intimate areas in the same manner, keeping it dry, without bacterial development and without bad smells. This ultra soft innerwear is many times softer than cotton and it is so good that cotton briefs today just cannot compete with MicroModal

The blended elastane is a very important component of the fabric. Mixed in the right amount it results in a fabric that is both soft and durable. No matter what wear and tear and stretching the innerwear goes through, it is more likely to retain its original shape and look new compared to cotton innerwear. We also provide excellent packaging to go along with our excellent product. We believe customer satisfaction starts the moment the package is delivered into the hands of the customer and it is important for an e-commerce brand to have excellent packaging. We have a delivery facility to every part of India.

Tromko’s innerwear can look and feel like imported brands but price-wise Tromko is priced just high enough to maintain the quality while providing easy affordability to most of our youthful customers. The new generation demands products that follow the global trends and that is our belief when we set up Tromko. Our excellent customer service will not disappoint you either.

Tromko’s innerwear are of three types: briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. Each of these types comes in 10 variants, i.e. differing colours or patterns. We have 5 solids and 5 printed ones for each of the three types.