Tromko is an excellent choice for buying trunks for men and the best choice for an Indian customer among all the options to buy trunks for men online.

Men’s trunks are shorter than men’s boxer briefs. They are longer than briefs, which are the shortest. Trunks cover and extend just below the thickest part of the thighs. Whereas boxer briefs extend all the way down covering most of the thigh.

Trunks are a great option for those that are shorter in height, while boxer briefs suit those who are taller. Trunks are more modest than briefs which cover very little and reveal more.

MicroModal is the hot new material used in all premium men’s trunks. It is 2-3 times softer than cotton. It is made sustainably with material sourced from Beech trees. It is a fabric that has a super soft satin feel to the skin and is very lightweight. It’s thinness makes it ideal for innerwear as it then has greater ability to absorb moisture. It wicks away the sweat and other moisture and stops bad-odour from developing. Thus it has anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties.

Tromko’s printed micromodal trunks and men’s solid micro modal trunks are an excellent value for money purchase. We make the trunks to a global standard of quality while keeping the costs only a little high, such that the majority of our customers will be easily able to buy the trunks while getting a truly world-class product. We at Tromko, believe in not just providing a superior product but also excellent customer service post sales. If you receive the wrong sized trunks we will readily accept a return request although the chances of this happening are slim, as extreme care is taken during packing and shipping of orders for our customers.