Tromko is an innerwear and activewear brand that is ‘Made In India’ and ‘Made For The World’. It stands for Total Range of Motion. We, at Tromko, believe in the promptness to move and go places in life. Hence, we stand by our motto 'Make Your Move'.

We are made for the active man who is looking out for inspiration to achieve more. Our aim is to revolutionize men’s innerwear and activewear and give it the importance it deserves. And in our opinion, it deserves quite a lot.

Tromko makes it easier for a man to pick and choose what he wants to wear because we don’t distinguish amongst our products, all of them are the best in business! We mean it, because our fabric is of utmost importance to us.


Tencel Micro-modal Innerwear

You wear this every day, every single day. So we thought of using the best fabric that there is. It’s called the Tencel micro-modal. Wear it to feel it.



Made from TRO-FIT, our activewear is a fine combination of agility and comfort. It lets you breathe and is super comfortable. Because we want you to workout without ever thinking about how you look while working out.


What is Tro-fit?

Tro-fit is a fine polyester fabric specially designed to make you feel comfortable while working out. This high-functioning material is effective in cooling down your body quicker than usual and absorbs the sweat. This will definitely ask you to sweat it out for longer than you thought you would.


We think that a great product, plus an even greater packaging is all you need to feel good every day.